Trade spending in Consumer Products industry is increasing because of the relative strength of the retail customer base, which is now greater than consumer and advertising combined. Trade promotion spending represents more than 50% of the overall marketing spend. Spending trade funds more wisely is the strategic imperative.
Managing the sales process in consumer products is made even more challenging by the absence of coordinated and integrated systems and processes. Transaction and spend management systems are not integrated and hence it is not possible to evaluate the effectiveness of past promotions or to determine which future promotions would be best to achieve their objectives. This lack of integration also results in incorrect cost assignments presenting an incorrect view of promotion effectiveness and program costs. The net result is ineffective promotions and, dissatisfied consumers unaware of available promotions.
SAP TPM helps consumer goods companies address these challenges via an integrated suite of solutions that enables a coordinated business process for salespeople and the Constituent groups that support them – marketing, supply chain and finance. It very easily answers some of the following basic questions:
  How are the funds being spent
  What is the most effective use of the funds
  What is the uplift from a Trade Promotion
  Which customers perform the best
  What is the return on investment
  Which programs provide the most value
APW Technology with its SAP Trade Promotion Management implementation and support services helps companies to precisely identify, plan, execute and evaluate their trade promotions. By availing our SAP TPM services, it enables you to define strategies, optimize trade promotion spending thus improving your trade activities, boosting sales volumes and profits’.
APW Technology SAP TPM practice is focused on helping the customer from start to finish in their TPM initiative. We have been working with SAP TPM for over 4 years now and bring extensive experience and knowledge of SAP TPM ver 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0.
In order to support organizations in their TPM initiative we offer the following services:
  TPM solution evaluation
  SAP TPM Test Drive Program
  SAP TPM demo and Prototype services
  SAP TPM Rapid Deployment solution
  SAP TPM Implementation services
  SAP TPM enhancement and Application Support Services
Why APW Technology ?
APW Technology is successfully supporting SAP TPM implementation at a Leading Global Snack & beverage company and World’s leading Consumer Electronics Company.
Our customers are benefitting from:
  Experienced SAP TPM consultants combined with our experience in overall experience in SAP ECC, BI/BPS and overall SAP CRM
  Our unique “Mini-Package” approach to SAP TPM implementation
  Cost Effective Global Delivery Model
  Implementation of SAP TPM Best Practices evolved over years of experience
  Use of effective templates
  Reduced total cost of ownership
  Very well developed CoE for SAP TPM
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