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In the flat world most organizations today have a global presence. This could be in form of complete operations in multiple geographies or segregated operations such as sales in certain regions, design, manufacturing and distribution in other geographies. In order to have common processes organizations are choosing to have one common ERP application with a global framework with configuration/customization to meet the local needs including the local Tax or other regulatory or government compliance.
With 24*7 operations APW Technology is perfectly suited to support organizations in their SAP rollouts. APW Technology supports global rollouts leveraging its presence in North America, Europe and two delivery centers in India.
APW Technology's Global Rollout services include
  Developing Global templates
  Localization to include country specific requirements including:
- Meeting Local compliance needs.
- Business Process requirement.
  Handling Multi-currency operations
  Global data and Reporting Consolidation
  Brand Standardization
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