SAP Business Intelligence
In today’s complex business environment, organizations have an increasing need for useful data that will help them solve their problem, grow the business, manage risk, and improve operational efficiency. There are many disparate systems in their IT landscape and most organizations find it difficult to capture, manage, and deliver information effectively. The information needs of organizations have grown substantially and the IT departments are being asked to deliver this in a cost effective and in a manner such that the business user can have access to the information they need -with minimal dependence on IT resources and developers.
With SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) and SAP Business Objects, you can tightly integrate data warehousing capabilities on a comprehensive and scalable platform. It provides a very strong business intelligence platform and a suite of business intelligence tools to enable reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data which helps in improving your business operations.
With a dedicated team of BI consulting professionals worldwide APW Technology brings extensive experience and maturity to successfully implement data warehousing, Reporting and Analytics projects.
Our SAP BI practice helps customers in:
  Developing and designing an enterprise wide BW/BI strategy and roadmaps
  Helping you to tap the true potential of Netweaver BI combined with SAP Business Objects
  Helping you in your BI journey from developing Proof-of-Concept to building the solutions
Our SAP BW/BI service offerings are:
Data and Information Integration services
APW Technology has a well defined methodology which combined with tools and processes is utilized to capture data from multiple source systems and integrate information from disparate systems and applications to build robust BI solution. Our services include:
  Data Profiling
  Data Quality
  Data Transformation (ETL)
Data Warehouse Implementation Services
APW Technology team of experienced BI consultants leverage SAP BI/Business Object to plan, architect, design, build, test, and deploy data warehouses to meet our client’s business requirements. Our Services include:
  Data Warehouse Design, Development and Implementation
  Proof of Concept and Prototypes
Our Information Delivery experts leverage the capabilities of SAP BI and Business Object to architect and implement Reporting solutions that provide you with business insight through reports, highly visual and interactive dashboards and analytics. Our Services include:
  Definition of Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  Dashboard Prototyping and Data Visualization
  Design and development of Crystal report, Dashboards, Web reports and Advanced Analytics
Our Business Intelligence services provide tangible business benefits. With APW Technology Business Intelligence services, you can empower your business users while transforming your organization’s data into a source of competitive advantage. We leverage our in-depth experience, Global Delivery capabilities, industry knowledge and Center of Excellence to bring you a business intelligence solution that helps you in developing a critical business insight facilitating business growth and improvement in operational efficiency.
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