APW Technology Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution enables collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network allowing you to adapt your supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive environment. We have been working in the forefront of technological advances and our consultants are highly experienced in all areas of Logistics Execution including Warehouse Management and Transportation Planning.
Organizations today face a lot of challenges in managing their supply Chain. Some of them include:
  High logistics handling and freight cost
  Inaccurate and delayed customer shipments resulting in lost revenue
  Variable order quantities forcing loose and case picks in warehouse
  Traceability of shipped goods
  Handling issues with inventory management and service level
  High levels of inventory and need to improve service levels throughout supply chain network
  Excessively long order-related cycle times
  In ability to have On-time and complete customer order fulfillment
APW Technology leverages SAP SCM solution to meet these challenges and provide various benefits including:
  Improved on-time and complete customer order fulfillment
  Reduction in replenishment order cycle time
  Reductions in inventory , including an increase in turns per month for finished goods inventory
  Reduction in forecast error
  Enhanced customer service
Why APW Technology
  Extensive experience in providing full life cycle of SAP SCM Application
  Consultants with over 10 years experience providing logistics solutions to fortune 1000 companies
  Expertise in Warehouse Management including Handling Unit Management and latest SAP offerings in the area of SCM Extended Warehouse Management
  Expertise in interfacing SAP WM with automated picking systems like pick light and A frame systems
  Highly experienced team of consultants specializing in interfacing SAP WM with sortation and conveyor systems
  Expertise in SAP R/3 Transportation Management System (TMS) and interfacing SAP with third party transportation management systems
  Highly experienced and cost effective Global delivery model
  Numerous reference-able clients in US, Europe and Asia
  Very well developed Center of Excellence (COE) for R&D and customer oriented Initiatives
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